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  1. ​A person that is following a career path that perfectly aligns with and portrays their passion and purpose in life

  2. A business owner with an innate sense that their work has meaning beyond just making money

We are the same

Hello, my name is Joana and just like you I consider myself a soulpreneur. 

I have spent a lot of time asking questions in order to find alignment between my career and my dream life. 

While in the process of finding alignment, I had many business ideas and tried (failed) many of them. All those experiences gave me not only business strategy and operational knowledge but also taught me how important it is to have a clear mission and to align my energy with the energy of my desires.

Soul Assistance was born as an answer to my desire to support others achieve their dreams while doing what excites me. 


With 6+ years experience supporting businesses in their first years and development stages and a life coaching certification, my goal is to support you in this pivotal moment of your business and help you take it to the next level.

Joana is our coach,
our project manager, our HR trainer, our business consultant.
She finds a solution to all of our needs! 

Ursula Dultra - Co-founder of Casa UMA

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